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Antiratna kampanja Hrvatske Nas logo From 1993 till the beginning of 1998 the Center worked within the AntiWar Campaign Croatia under the name Group for Direct Protection of Human Rights. For almost five years the Group was one of the AWCC's projects. Due to a number of new activities the Group grew into an independent association of citizens in the beginning of 1998 - Center for Direct Protection of Human Rights.

The Center is based in Zagreb, but - according to the needs - the activist travel into the field to other parts of Croatia. As one of the founders of the Co-ordination of Organisations for Protection and Promotion of Human Rights in Croatia, the Center co-operates with other groups throughout Croatia solving concrete problems of human rights violations, organising public debates, press conferences and public campaigns.


  • we help citizens, refugees, displaced persons and returnees in exercising their rights (right to citizenship, private property, non-discrimination, freedom of expression, self-organising...)

  • we monitor human rights situation in Croatia(laws, project HURIDOCS, Statements)

  • we monitor and analyse laws and strive to induce changing of those articles of the laws or whole laws that violate human rights

  • we organise and hold press-conferences, public discussions, round tables and other public events through which we inform the public of human rights issues and try to reach a solution through public dialogue

  • we issue bulletins, flyers and other promotional material covering the activities of the Centre and human rights issues in Croatia and we prepare and issue handbooks on human rights

  • we organise and hold workshops on human rights


  • share with us your knowledge and experience in the field of protection and promotion of human rights

  • join us in our activities

  • be active in your community, affirming the ideas we plead for

  • send us a letter of support - it will motivate us even more!
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  • Centar za direktnu zaštitu ljudskih prava
    Center for Direct Protection of Human Rights