One of the basic activities of the Center for Direct Protection of Human Rights is promoting its activities and informing the public with the human rights issues.

Therefore, at the end of 1995 we decided to establish Center's (at the time, it was called the Group for Direct Protection of Human Rights) bulletin called "Kroki".

The type of information published in the bulletin:
  1. the Center's activities - short texts, with emphasis on the most important problems and the ways of dealing with them;
  2. analysis of laws which are in the procedure, or already existing, with taking into account the protection of human rights and civic freedoms;
  3. critical texts - reactions to public events (politicians, persons, institutions...) which are (in)directly connected with the protection of human rights and nourishing the idea of civil society;
  4. the Centers's public statements;
  5. seminars, trainings and some of the contacts of the Center members.
It is important that all the texts are translated into English, and the bulletin is completely bilingual.

Who is "Kroki" distributed to?

Content of latest "Kroki"s:

Kroki no. 5 No. 5, October 1996 / January 1997
  • Public Statement
  • Croatia in Council of Europe
  • Two Petitions for Media Freedom
  • Interview with Vesna Alaburic
  • From the Foreign Press
  • NGO Guest: B.a.B.e
  • November 9th
  • Round Table
  • Question without answer
    & columns

  • No. 6/7, February / July 1997
  • Public Statement
  • Roma Rights
  • Activity report on round-table-talk "Roma in Croatia today"
  • Interview with Dimitrina Petrova
  • Roma in Europe today
  • NGO Guest: The Association for Peace and Human Rights "Baranja"
  • How one wish (almost) came true
  • GONG was heard during presidential elections, too
  • One vote for alternative human rights education
  • Open / Close
  • The Zagreb Meeting of the Coordination
    & columns
  • Kroki no. 6/7

    Kroki no. 8/9 No. 8/9, August / November 1997
  • Development of civil society - a strategic goal
  • Fighting against facism or antifacism?
  • November 9th
  • ILomnica case: "Gypsies go home!"
  • Therapists and controlers of state administrators
  • Decision of Constitutional court
  • The Law on convalidation
  • Law on general pardon before the Constitutional court
  • Croatia and Council of Europe
  • NGO news
  • NGO guest: Committee for human rights
  • Question without answer
  • Wisit to Tromso
  • Porec
    & columns

  • No. 10, December 1997 / February 1998
  • Status and protection of minorities
  • 10.12. International Human Rights Day
  • Decree on renting apartments
  • OSCE mission to the Republic of Croatia
  • Interview: Tim Guldimann - Now the deeds count, not the words
  • RoMonitor
  • Proposed law on humanitarian organisations
  • NGO Guest: Center for Peace, Legal Advice and Psycho-social assistance - Vukovar
  • The Martin Ennals Award
  • Protecting Human Rights Defenders
  • International Peoples' Tribunal on Human Rights and Environment
    & columns
  • Kroki no. 10

    Kroki no. 11 No. 11, March / June 1998
  • Activity Report on conference "Contribution of Local Non-Governmental Organisations in Croatia in Promotion and Implementation of European Human Rights Standards"
  • The law on associations continues the tradition of obidiance
  • Freedom of association and right to freedom of association in Europe and Croatia
  • Conscientious objection and alternative civil service
  • Public statement on June 16th, International Day of Reffugees
  • Some decisions and rulings of the Constitutional court
  • The ombudsman report for 1997
  • Comparative study of ombudsmen in various countries
  • Promoting tolerance
  • NGO guest: Serbian Democratic Forum & columns

  • No 12, July / September 1998
  • How far is Bosnia and Hercegovina from Sweden
  • Sweden has begun to repatriate refugees from BiH
  • DPHR on Internet
  • Round table-Human Rights and How te Realise Them
  • Roma in Croatia today
  • The first human rights guide in Croatia
  • Manual for human rights
  • Some international mechanisms for human rights protection
  • How to respond to a structural violation of human rights
  • Democracy from below
  • Becoming a part of the HURIDOCS network
  • The Civil Committee for Human Rights
  • Framework Convention for the protection of national minorities
    & columns

  • Kroki no. 12

    Centar za direktnu zaštitu ljudskih prava
    Center for Direct Protection of Human Rights