Juraj Hrženjak
Zagreb, 1998
ISBN 953-97528-1-7

Juraj Hrzenjak: Prigovor savjesti FROM THE AUTHOR'S INTRODUCTION

The mission of the book is to inform and explain, especially to young men one of his rights. It is the conscientious objection right. It is important for a man to know about this right and to be able to use it. If he is going to use it, it is the question of his conscience, conscience and a series of objective and subjective circumstances and conditions. (...)

(...) I strongly believe that if thousand of young men had known about their constitutional right to conscientious objection, if there had been a climate for respecting that right, if young men had been brought up at schools and in the society in the spirit of respect of human rights and freedoms, many lives would have been saved, there would have been much less crimes toward men, there would have been much less personal and family tragedies. The homeland would have been happier.

Therefore, we all have to -pledge for fulfilling of human rights - the solid guarantee of the peaceful future.

Juraj Hrženjak
Zagreb, May 15th 1998.

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