Mirjana Radaković - Veronika Rešković - Juraj Hrženjak
GUIDE TO YOUR RIGHTS (Vodič kroz vaša prava)
Zagreb, 1998
ISBN 953-97341-2-6

Radakovic - Reskovic - Hrzenjak: Vodic kroz vasa prava


The latest publication from the Centre for the Direct Protection of Human Rights in Croatia is A GUIDE TO HUMAN RIGHTS by Mirjana Radakovic, Veronika Reskovic and Juraj Hrzenjak. Although a rather thin volume, it is much more than a guide, despite its title, given the amount of information it offers and its importance.
On 79 pages, the reader can find a summary of clear information on the development of human rights, and human rights protection at the international level, followed by concise instructions about how to realise and protect ones rights. In addition, there is a very useful directory of international instruments which Croatia is a party to, as well as a very necessary address list of the institutions and organisations for human rights protection in Croatia and throughout the world.

The authors have divided the Guide in a concise and systematic manner. Dr Juraj Hrzenjak, also publicly known as an author of the first anthology of international documents of human rights and a brochure on the implementation of conscientious objection to military service, has succinctly summarised the evolution of human rights. Mirjana Radakovic, applied her experience as a teacher to didacticaly elaborate prescriptions for human rights protection from the standpoint of a citizen whose rights are violated. Veronika Reskovic, co-founder of the Centre for Direct Protection of Human Rights, has skilfully, introduced the reader to the world of Non Governmental Organisations and their role in the protection and promotion of human rights.

Each of these texts, followed by the supplement of documents, is a short synopsis of the given topic which could be developed into a separate guide or manual. Texts syntetisedas they are in this book, represent the first all-inclusive guide for citizens and for all interested in human rights. The guide is an especially useful tool for human rights education, especially becuse, in Croatia, there are no adequate manuals for human rights education. Together with the previously published Manual for Human Rights , by Kathryn English and Adam Stapleton, this book - A Guide To Your Rights - is an important offspring in the literature of this kind, which is generally underpublished. Hopefully, the book can stimulate similar new undertakings.

Dr. Damir Grubiša

Centar za direktnu zaštitu ljudskih prava
Center for Direct Protection of Human Rights