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What is behind the title: Project HURIDOCS?
    Pitanje je sad "Universal communications system" - subject which is one of the main problems in everyday work of NGOs in Croatia.

    At the beginning of war in our country lots of NGOs started to work in promotion and protection of human rights. Most of them gather small group of activist, and their area of work in much bigger then they can manage in their humble conditions. Despite that, number of NGOs is bigger year after year and their results of their work is getting better.

    During the time volume of documentation increased so much that ability to find certain cases, and to distribute date, become very hard.

    Some organizations made a suggestion how to solve this problem. Solution was to introduce unique methodology for gathering and documenting data with help of computer system.

    During the last few months of 1997, we contacted Ms. Marija Laszlo which introduced us to existence and work of HURIDOCS network. She also showed us the computer program for handling information about human rights events, EVSYS 4.1, and we decided that it could help us in solving existing problems. Meeting was attended by representatives of almost all NGOs which are active in protection of human rights.

    After this meeting and checking of program we started initial organization of Croatian HURIDCS network, which now consists of 17 NGOs. Initiative for organizing Croatian HURIDOCS network was taken over by Center for Direct Protection of Human Rights, and so we made a project titled: "Education, use and Development of HURIDOCS network".

    We assume that project will last for a year and planed to make this goals:
  • To make unique methodology of gathering and to improve analysis of data about human rights violations in 17 Croatian NGOs.
  • To improve communications between NGOs

    We plan to make this goal by:
  • translating to Croatian and adopting EVSYS 4.1 for use in Croatian NGOs.
  • translating and adopting tools for handling data about violations of human rights according International (HURIDCS) standards
  • organizing workshops during which we shall introduce NGOs to EVSYS 4.1
  • making bilingual written material about users of EVSYS in Croatia (flyer, brochure and World wide Web site)
  • keeping in contact (by phone, mail…) with users of program
  • making annual review of conditions of human rights in Croatia according to individual reports which will every organization make
  • at the end of the project organizing one meeting of all participants of Croatian HURIDOCS network

    The program itself is introducing unique standard terminology, it ease the input of data, searching, browsing, and analyzing of data. Using of HURIDOCS will ease communication between users, and will help in solving many cases because it will be much easier to explain the problem in each case.

    It is very important to say that participants of Croatian HURIDCS network are NGOs which are successfully working in protection and promotion of human rights in Croatia for a very long time, and that they are members of Coordination of organizations for protection of human rights, Antiwar Campaign Croatia, and some other organization, and with their involvement in Croatia HURIDOCS network they are getting ability to present their work in whole world.

Centar za direktnu zaštitu ljudskih prava
Center for Direct Protection of Human Rights