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Workshop 1: Introducing EVSYS 4.1

From July 2nd to 5th, in Zagreb, we had a workshop, which was organized in cooperation with our donor ADF. The theme of workshop was: work of Huridocs network, and introduction to basic standard formats, monitoring, gathering and processing data about human rights violations, using EVSYS 4.1 computer program.

Lecturers for this workshop were Mr. Bert Verstappen - from HURIDOCS headquarters in Geneva - and local HURIDOCS representative Ms. Marija Laszlo.

We invited one representative from each organization which agreed to participate in project to attend workshop. Organizations were asked to send one person which will afterward use the program or will be able to transfer this knowledge to other interested members of their organization.

First day workshop took place in ADF's premises, in Amruseva 10, and other two days we worked in ZIC premises on Zagreb's Fair, where participants were able to work with computers.

We think that workshop had success which was confirmed by our lecturers and participants, by filling our evaluation questionnaires.

Twenty participants from 18 organizations (two were from ADF's offices in Zagreb and Pakrac) attended workshop. All participants received program and illustrated manual, which was made to ease working with program, translated to Croatian language.

NGOs and their participants which attended HURIDCS workshop in Zagreb from 2nd to 5th of July 1998:

Center for women victims of war
Radnicki dol 20, Zagreb

Stop violence against women
Suzana Kovacevic
Women's counsel
Maja Mamula

Autonomous women's' house
P.O. Box 19, Zagreb
Djurdjica Kolarec

Center for Peace, Legal Advice, Psychosocial Support, Vukovar
Vase Pelagica 20, 32000 Vukovar
Ljubomir Mikic

Berislaviceva 10, Zagreb
tel/fax: (01) 426-826
Jovica Medić

Group for women's right B.a.B.e. Prilaz Gjure Dežalića 26/II, Zagreb
Tel: (01) 4846-180
Fax: (01) 4846-176
Biljana Bijelic

Women Group Mali Losinj
B. Vidulica 28, 51550 Mali Losinj
Tel/fax: +385 (0) 51 233 750
Jagoda Gajic

G. Matinuzzi 23, 52100 Pula
Tel/fax: +385 (0) 52 505-976
Daniela Perkovic

Committee for Human Rights in Serbian Community Rijeka
Trg Sv. Barbare 1, 51000 Rijeka
Darinka Janjanin

Peace movement "Sunflower"
Matije Gupca 19, 51000 Rijeka
Tel/fax: +385 (0) 51 213-331
Elda Capan

Comittee for Human Rights
I.G. Kovacica 2, Zagreb
Tel/fax: +385 (0) 1 421 522,
Vlado Aleksic

Center for Civil Initiatives
Nikole Tesle 7, 52440 Porec
Tel/fax:+385(0) 52 452 746, 452 696
Kristina Knapic-Radojkovic

Association for Peace and Human Rights Baranja
P. Sandora 78, 31327 Bilje
Gordana Sucurovic

Center for Peace, Non-violence and Human Rights
O. Kersovanija 4, 31000 Osijek
Tel/fax:+385 (0) 031 120 592,
Habertheuer Heinz

Dalmatian Committee for Human rights
Trumbucac 19, 21000 Split
Tel/fax: +385 (0) 21 523 460
Tonci Majic

Committee for Human Rights
Sebeticeva 5/1, 47000 Karlovac
Tel/fax: +385 (0) 47 22 53 44
Mrakovic Sanja

Center for Direct Protection of Human Rights
Krizaniceva 1/III, Zagreb
Tel/fax:+385 (01) 46 11 704
Darija Kulenović, Jadranko Gudan

Centar za direktnu zaštitu ljudskih prava
Center for Direct Protection of Human Rights