Autonomous Women's house
P.P.19, 10000 Zagreb

Women Abuse - personal problem?
The violence of men on women is not only their personal problem. The society must take responsibility for punishing the violator. Women oppose to violence, each in her own way. Besides that, every 15 minutes one women is beaten in Zagreb. The spreading of men violence demands organised women's work. Therefore we have established, in 1990, the shelter for women who have survived the violence - the Autonomous Women's House Zagreb.

What is a shelter?
The Autonomous Women's House Zagreb - shelter for women who have survived the violence, is a citizen's association, which works on feministic principles of women's support, co-responsibility and co-operation. We stand for the right of women to live free of violence and to decide for ourselves on our lives. The shelter is the only place in Croatia where women can find sanctuary from men violence and receive full support from other women.

What do we provide?
Safe accommodation to women and their children who have survived the violence from partners / fathers that they live with;

We inform women on their rights in the area of protection from violence and fulfilling those rights;
we encourage women to make decisions on their future on their own; we intervene between women and institutions (social work, police, courts, etc.)
we provide emotional and psychological support to women;
we provide legal and psychological advice;

The Shelter is for…

All women and children who suffer from any form of violence:
PHYSICAL (slapping, hitting, beating, beating up, hurting…) PHYSOLOGICAL (insulting, threating, controlling, blackmailing, isolation, putting down…)

SEXUAL (rape, sexual abuse, incest…)

ECONOMICAL (denying and taking away money, not paying the alimony, and all other forms of leaving women without means for life)



Our work experience shows those men beat, torture, harass, threat, economically and sexually blackmail women just because they are women, with no direct cause.

Every second women that calls states that her partner threats to kill her, and every third that she is sexually abused.

The violent person is at most cases (80%) husband, ex-husband, extramarital partner, respectively, father of the children.

Bullies come from all social structures and professions (intellectuals, students, workers, well-situated citizens).

Centar za direktnu zaštitu ljudskih prava
Center for Direct Protection of Human Rights