Nikole Tesle 7
52440 Poreč
tel/fax:+385 52 452 746, 452 696
e-mail: cgi_po@zamir-zg.ztn.apc.org

CENTRE FOR CIVIL INITIATIVES POREČ is a non-governmental, non-profit and politically independent organisation that focuses its activities to promotion and protection of human and civil rights, liberty and dignity of the individual, gender equality, helps and supports citizens' right to participate in decision making process concerning building the local community, as well as sensitisation of the local authorities to the articulated group interests. Our main goals are:
  • protection, promotion and respecting human rights and liberties as basic needs of every human being
  • creation of equal conditions for women participation on all levels of politics, culture, social and economic domain
  • citizens' right to organise themselves in building of an autonomous civil society, and generating civil initiatives that help building local community in the appropriate manner and according to the particular interests and needs.

    CGI accomplishes its work through promotional activities and particular programmes. We are promoting our goals through round tables in Istrian towns where we present the idea of human rights and liberties as a matter that shouldn't be violated in any civilised and democratic society. Some of our round tables addressed the matters concerning local administration, law enforcement in practice, function and development of the local self-management and protection of particular women's and minority rights.
    After those discussions two NGOs were formed in Istria with a support of the CGI activists.

    Direct protection programmes consist of free legal advice, support and help to people whose rights were violated, intervention on behalf of our clients with local administration and Ministries, Croatian Government and Ombudsman. Our activists were among the first to serve in counselling offices and support the remainees and returnees in West Slavonija and Krajina, right after they became the part of Croatian legal and state system. CGI has worked out a monitoring programme of the local administration in Krajina, which is being carried out in collaboration with several other NGOs. The aim of the programme is to help set surroundings for more intensive return of the refugees by reminding the officials in the local administration that they have to do their job in order to re-establish the trust, which is proclaimed national programme.
    Realising deteriorating status of women in Croatian society CGI activists have in 1995 formed a Women's group that has been functioning as a part of CGI since. WGP is focusing the activities to promotion of women's rights, particularly through media and public campaigns. We are organising or participating women's rights to participate equally with men in politics, culture, social life and their right to professional recognition. We are particularly stressing the right to be different and the right to choose motherhood. Due to the growing problem of home violence WGP is working on a project of protection of the victims of home violence, offering them support and legal aid, striving for a safe house in Istria. Since 1996 WGP has been organising regular semi-annual meetings of the women's NGOs Croatia focused on co-ordination of mutual activities inside the women's NGO network.

    Members, activists and the volunteers of the CGI are going through different workshops learning about ways to protect human rights, advocacy, fund-raising etc.

    On the local level CGI has organised solidarity actions fund-raising and collecting humanitarian aid inhabitants of Krajina and a young girl's liver transplantation in Italy. This last action has made us think about forming a mutual citizens' health solidarity fund for Poreč Municipality, since our state Health fund wouldn't pay for necessary but expansive operations that cannot be performed in Croatia. The municipal administration supported the idea and the fund is about to be formed. We also have their support in the safe house project. CGI co-ordinated and helped articulate a need and interest of several groups of Poreč citizens to talk the town government into buying off the former fish-tin plant and reserve it for the cultural, sport and NGO activities. The plant has been bought but its purpose hasn't been decided yet.

    Regional media cover most of our activities and we are almost daily gaining more support from the citizens and local authorities.

    CGI is among the organisations that funded Co-ordination of the organisations for protection and promotion of human rights, Antiwar campaign of Croatia and our Women's group is a part of the women's NGO network.

    CGI co-operates with other NGOs in Croatia, and keeps in touch with similar organisations in Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, as well as with some International NGOs.
    We built stabile relationship with Poreč Municipality through our programmes as well as with Istarska županija.
    The communication with some of the Ministries and Ombudsman may be qualified as good.
    So far we got financial support from Tilburg for Peace, Delphi Star International, Open Society Croatia, ADF, USA Embassy, Poreč Municipality (symbolic but since 1996 regular sum from town budget).

    Centar za direktnu zaštitu ljudskih prava
    Center for Direct Protection of Human Rights