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32 000 Vukovar
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Center for Peace, Legal Advice and PsychoSocial Assistance (Vukovar) is a non-governmental, non-political, non-profit humanitarian organisation. It was founded on August 1, 1996 upon the initiative of the Association of the Citizens of the Republic of Croatia in Refuge and Exile for the Region of eastern Slavonia, Baranja and western Sirmium (Vukovar), Center for Peace and Human Rights (Vukovar) and Group 484 (Belgrade, FRY), with the support of the British humanitarian organisation OXFAM (Oxford, Great Britain).

The fundamental objectives of the Center are alleviating poverty, suffering and stress among the population living in eastern Slavonia, Baranja and western Sirmium, regardless of their national, religious, political or any other determination.

The activities of the Center include free-of-charge legal advice, information and support the local population, refugees and displaced persons, especially to the vulnerable groups in that area. Most often, the citizens ask for the Center's assistance in fulfilling their ownership rights, status, visiting their homes in other parts of Croatia and return. In the past year more than 2000 people asked for legal assistance of the Center.

The Center monitors human rights situation and informs the competent authorities and representatives of international institutions and organisations active in that are of its findings.

A significant activity of the Center is humanitarian assistance and psychosocial support for the women and children, and organising seminars and platforms on peaceful conflict resolution, interethnic, cultural and religious tolerance. The group for ecumenism and reconciliation works within the Center.

Educational workshops on human rights have been organised in over 40 communities in the area of eastern Slavonia, Baranja and western Sirmium. The results were visible already during the elections in April 1997, when the population showed a high level of democratic conduct. During the election activists of the Center were involved in the election observing process through the ad hoc coalition GONG.

The activists of the Center participated in a number of meetings, conferences, and seminars in Croatia and abroad.

In achieving its goals, the Center co-operates with many international and domestic organisations: OXFAM (London, Zagreb, Belgrade, Sarajevo), Die Schwelle (Bremen), Peace Bridge Danube (Mohač, Vukovar), National Democratic Institute (Washington), USAID (Vukovar), American Development Foundation (Zagreb), IRC Umbrella Grant (Zagreb), UN Center for Human Rights (Vukovar), Embassy of Local Democracy (Osijek), UNTEAS Civilian Affairs (Vukovar, Ilok), UNHCR (Erdut), Civil Rights Project (Vukovar), OSCE (Vukovar), SDR (Belgrade), Serbian Democratic Forum (Zagreb).

The Center is a member of the Co-ordination of Organisation for Protection and Promotion of Human Rights in Croatia and the founder of an Co-ordination of NGOs working in eastern Slavonia, Baranja and western Sirmium.

Centar za direktnu zaštitu ljudskih prava
Center for Direct Protection of Human Rights