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Dunjak sklonište za stare i nemoćne
Dunjak Shelter
Dunjak 16, 47220 Vojnić
tel: +385 (0) 99 44 23 81

Committee for Human Rights - Karlovac branch, is active since May 1993, when it started working on promotion and protection of human rights, in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia and international standards based on the Universal Declaration on Human Rights. We are especially involved in the protection of minority, women and refugee rights. We point to the culture of non-violence and tolerance, to the need for establishing civic trust, and we call the attention of the governmental institutions by using examples from real life so that the Republic of Croatia can start functioning as legal state. So far, we have worked on OXFAM project of trust rebuilding, conflict easing and humanitarian help providing to the population in ex-sector North, on connecting families, return of refugees and displaced persons and we participate in court sessions, as neutral observers when we find that human rights are violated. We support civic initiatives, such as forming of Roma Association, in Karlovac.

Among our greater projects, we point out project "Dunjak" - providing for old and disabled in the area of former sector North, and since September 1, 1997, we are UNHCR's implementary partners and we took over three of their projects:
1. monitoring of the return process and the human rights situation
2. supplying the population of former sector North with wood (500 users)
3. continuation of project Dunjak

We point out that for many persons, psychosocial help and moral support are crucial as encouragement for entering the battle for realizing their rights. We consider making violence visible, through reports to domestic and international institutions, and through press conferences, as our greatest success. We stood up to the flood of fear and violence in 1992 and 1993, when no one in Karlovac dared to do so.

Although we financed great deal of work by ourselves at the beginning, the members of the Committee for Human Rights from Karlovac have numerous plans, whose realisation depends on material support.
We plan to found legal advice centre, SOS phone for women, to hold public tribunes on civil society, to educate young people on protection of human rights issues etc.

According to The new Law on Associations, Committee for Human Rights - Karlovac branch, was registered as autonomous non-governmental organisation by decision of the Ured za opću upravu, Karlovac County, on February 13 1998. Since July 1 1998 the association changed its name to Odbor za ljudska prava Karlovac (Committee for Human Rights, Karlovac).

The word of the centre manager
Government institutions in Karlovac are still not aware that human rights should be respected for your own sake, and not for the other's. Quality and happy life in any place is only possible if human rights of all citizens are respected. Our future is being created in the present and only that that we seed will spring up. Through work on human rights, we realised that the war is misfortune for all people and that peace is the only true victory. We also realised that, besides state institutions, all citizens are invited and obliged to contribute to The protection of human rights. We proved by our work that we could and want to work. After all that happened in the war and after it, we believe in humanity and basic human values, more than ever. Withdrawing from the fight for human rights would be as loosing hope. We believe that it will be possible for us to keep developing.

Centar za direktnu zaštitu ljudskih prava
Center for Direct Protection of Human Rights