51550 Mali Lošinj,
Braće Vidulić 28,
tel: 051 233 650, fax: 051 233 750

Women's Group Lošinj is non-profit and non-governmental organisation of citizens that formally exists since March 1996. The Group aims at clarifying the spirit and the principles built in the Declaration on Human Rights and the Convention on Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination of Women to public. Using advocacy, monitoring and education, the Group tries to accomplish visibility and understanding of women's human rights and to encourage citizens to influence the authorities through civil action, and to empower and enable women to ask and take equal role in deciding making. Considering equality between sexes as inseparable part of democracy, by promoting its goals, the Group directly effects not only position of women, but also a process of democratisation and liberalisation of Croatian society.

The Group was established as reaction to narrowing of human, end especially women's right in Croatia, and to campaign led by government and church which wants to reduce women's role to machine for nation reproduction and free labour in the house.

The Association's activities are:

Help in solving problems directly or indirectly related to women's human rights in society, as: right to life without violence, both in private and social sphere, the right to equal and full participation in all areas of society, especially in leading roles and deciding on important issues, the rights of women war victims and refugees, reproductive rights of women, including right to reproductive health and decision when and who with to have and raise children.

The other activities are:
co-operation with international feminist groups in finding and documentation of examples of violence against women during war and preparation of evidence for trial on crimes against women, education through local program on human rights, and especially women's human rights, global campaign for women's human rights - participating in global campaign for better understanding of women's human rights, learning and sharing of experiences with other women's groups at global level, publication of activities in media, printing of occasional publications related to the Group's work, participating in human rights campaign and direct help in its realising, education and participating in civil initiatives for resolving problems in community, such as environment protection, improving of health and other public services, and social issues, bringing up and education of children and free time of youth.

The Organisation Structure:

Women's Group has 26 members.

All members form assembly, which brings plan and program of work, and elects working bodies. Executive body is a council, consisted of 5 members which gather once a week. The work of working bodies and financial matters are controlled by supervising board.
Besides these bodies that are regulated by statute and the law, the Women's Group Lošinj has advisory board, constituted of prominent women from local community, which follow the work programme and strategies and give comments and directions for work. This body has no means of decision making, it is only advisory.
Besides Group members, women from community show interest for Group's work and come occasionally to participate in Group's activities and share information.

Centar za direktnu zaštitu ljudskih prava
Center for Direct Protection of Human Rights